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A discussion community around the language and culture of Ancient Egypt

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007


m Htp all,

this is Karen the moderator at GlyphStudy and while I notice this group has not been active recently,
I thought I would post and let you all know that we are about to launch a new study section of our Allen group.

We are a serious language study list working our way through James P. Allen's Middle Egyptian: the Lanaguage and Culture of Hieroglyphs. 

You need to purchase the text to study with us ( :

We have a group of homework volunteers who send problems to be collated, which I then share on AEL
Ancient Egyptian language list.

We have tons of student generated study resources and are a very welcoming, supportive study environment.

If you have ever wanted to study glyphs, this is your opportunity.

Please send a first and last name with your request for membership and let me know if you have studied any middle egyptian before, either on your own with a text, or with a study group or course.

that's it.

Hope to see some more of you over on GlyphStudy


best all,
Karen, the mod

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Saturday, October 29th, 2005
5:11 am - Resumption

Apologies for the delay between posts. Real Life has been kicking me rather soundly in the shins lately, but! I'm trying to get back on track with this.

I'm currently working on completing the transliteration exercises on Lesson 3 (I'm at #60, I think). There's no way in hell I can totally memorise the bilaterals - I'm only now starting to recognise the unilaterals, even with a set of flash cards, but I hold out hope that if I see them often enough I'll be able to be a little more proficient at recognising them.

The phonetic complements are tricky - they seem to occasionally flank the bilaterals as well as appearing after them. I don't have the notebook to hand to point out specifics where this happens, but it can really throw you off when you're transliterating!

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
6:17 am - Lesson 3: Unilaterals, bilaterals and trilaterals, oh my!

Good grief, but the time flies.

Again, apologies to all for the delay in posting. I've had relatives here with me, so any studying went way out the window.

Admittedly, I haven't done the exercise for this lesson yet, though I've read it through and once again, wondered what possessed me to try doing this; and I've got to catch up and investigate the links you kind folks have thrown in my direction. I've made a set of flash cards for the unilateral signs, I'm tackling the bilaterals next! My memory retention being what it is, I think perhaps the best way to try and commit these things to memory is to pick one and carry it around for a day, and look at it as often as possible.

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Friday, May 20th, 2005
9:18 am - Lesson 2

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been consumed by house decorating!

Thoughts on lesson 2Collapse )

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
6:42 pm - Lesson One

Quick self-intro: I'm also known as alryssa, but my Kemetic journal is this one. I've been studying the culture, religion and history of AE for several years now, on and off. I'm what you might call a solitary practitioner of said faith, though my practice has been limited to giving guided meditation workshops at a local Pagan Pride Day the last couple of years due to some RL things I'm dealing with.

Only a day late, but I managed to complete lesson 1 this afternoon. My desktop is currently tied up, so I can't scan.

I got the first question's order for the signs all correct (phew). The second section was somewhat more difficult. I got 2(a) and 2(e) correct, and missed one section on 2(b) (the third grouping in from the left) and 2(c) (the grouping right after the folded cloth hieroglyph).

2(d) was the one where I screwed up the most - I think the proliferation of smaller signs made it somewhat harder.

How did everyone else do? :)

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
10:05 pm - m htp

Em Htp All,

Just thought I would post and introduce myself--my name is Karen and I found this LJ community when another new member, Banu, gave me a heads up.

As Banu has already explained, we have been studying with Allen's book for over a year now and are in Lesson 14.

I look forward to reviewing with this group and maybe Banu and I can help if you run across any questions you just can't solve with the key. That does happen to us on occasion, and we usually just debate it and try to come to some sort of tentative consensus ( :

Generally speaking this is a good book for self-study.

The one thing I have experienced, and so would like to warn others off of from the outset--is to make sure you don't get in the habit of only reading and writing transliterations to the point where you don't really work with the glyphs in your head.

What I find myself doing still is having to write out everything in transliteration before I attempt to read it --from transliteration to English.
Ideally I'd like to just read the glyphs and not rely so much on transliteration.

Thanks for starting this group,
Hopefully we will all learn some Middle Egyptian together.

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
10:06 pm - m Htp, and some thoughts to get us started

Hello, everyone! I just found my way over here from the dua_sekhmet community, and I'm glad to find more Kemetics interested in learning ME. I've been studying with a few other folks on the Thoth Writes mailing list- we use the same text, and we're up to Chapter 14 at the moment. We've been trying to start another group at the beginning, but it's hard to find folks who are ready to commit to studying such an obscure language. Very few people actually have a practical application for such knowledge- Kemetics and Egyptologists being the only ones who spring to mind.^_^ I look forward to participating in this group as we move forward! The group I'm in now generally meets once a week and Chapters can take from 1-3 weeks, normally, depending on how difficult they are. There's a lot of memorization involved, but what we have found helpful is to have folks do the homework ahead of time, scan it, and post the images so that everyone can compare what they did, and then discuss any differences which arise so we all know why the homework problems translate and transliterate as they do.^_^ My scanner's broken down now, and my work hours are hectic and unpredictable- so I admit I've been a little bad lately. We've been taking turns at our class chats working out the problems and I've been doing my translations as my turn comes around (they know that I'm doing it- I'm not being sly^_~), but that's worked fairly well for me. I would love to check in on this round through the book as a review. As the info page says we'll be starting late April/early May, I suspect we'll start discussion fairly soon. Do we have anything more definitive for a starting date? I've found that anything less than a clear deadline tends to contribute to study group death before you ever even get started.-_-

Anyone who would like to join the Thoth Writes mailing list is welcome, as well- we generally do our class chats offlist, but onlist we discuss software helpful to learning, share cool sites (like the Word of the Day site!), keep track of Ancient World documentaries airing on TV, and submit the occasional Chapter Review or proposed project.

Also, it may be early on in the game to suggest this, but I strongly advise everyone to learn Manual de Codage (known simply as "computer" in the chart on page 15 of the text). Lacking a transliteration font to use online, this is the easiest way to render transliterations for group study- I've also attempted to use it in my own journal, when appropriate. Words written in codage are in italics.


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